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DV Group

- Raise financing and obtaining government support measures for technology companies and startups

- Innovation Transfer Consulting

arrow-icon Investments and consulting for companies that think big

/ about us

What we do and who we are

Expert in Russian hi-tech companies
Expert in innovations
Management Consultant
Ambassador of Russian Development Institutions
Organize partnerships between companies and innovation ecosystem projects
Find ways for our regional clients to become the national- level and CIS players
Consulting in terms of attracting grants for R&D and commercialization of technological developments
Venture Partner (bring viable companies for Venture Capital Funds)
Syndicator in Angel Club (Angel Deck)
Portfolio Investor
Prepare our clients for launching new products and finding new markets through strategy development, project packaging, market research and technical due diligence
Develop Accelerator Programs with different private and state-owned Partners
Begin investing in viable start-ups, successfully finished our Accelerator

/ Portfolio

Our Portfolio Company

  • An online whiteboard for tutors with many features and user-friendly functionality
  • Based on subscriptions from tutors, additional services for tutors, solutions for schools and educational centres, value-added services for students
  • 55.000+ learning hours in total, X7 monthly learning hours in half a year
  • 4 700 tutors and 8300 students
  • A project to create your own animated metaverse, 3D animation for young adults
  • Based on selling of the animated series, game licenses, merchandise, NFT
  • Developed several episodes for Netflix ("Love, Death & Robots series), Made a new brand product for a streaming service IVI
  • Got a $2M+ deal with Yandex, Negotiate with the biggest players on the market like Warner Media, Amazon, Apple TV+
  • NFT marketplace of digital and platform for AI video generation
  • Based on commission from selling rights and using of it
  • Now in demo-testing stage
  • A managed marketplace that provides affordable 1-on-1 live online sessions with professional fitness and yoga instructors
  • Based on commission from every session
  • 10X revenue growth rate year-on-year from 2020
  • 1 300 paid users with 7 000+ sessions month